lunes, 30 de marzo de 2015

In love with a cat


I feel very proud of my progress on my WIP's, In my weekly rotation I pick up my Tapestry cat by Teresa Wentzler and I found it very very fun but a little hard with the half stitches, you have to put the double of attention because counting the linen threads it's a little harder than Aida. But I think the final result will be very beautiful and the effort will be worth, by the moment I share my progress in this pattern...



Happy Stitching!!!

3 comentarios:

  1. Great progress Karen! That would be hard to count, the fabric count is way tooooo small!!! I think I would go cross eyed and crazy attempting it! ;) I admire you patience, it look's fab :)


  2. It's fun to try something new, this is my fisrt time stitching in linen, maybe it take time to get used to the new fabric but then it's easier. Thank you Megan =)

  3. Looks beautiful, though stitching on that fabric looks a little scary. You're doing really well
    xo Alicia