domingo, 20 de agosto de 2017

A Chatelaine Finished!!!!

Hello beautiful stitchers

This time with a lot of joyful I share my Chatelaine project finished!

I LOVE this designs I want to have one in my rotation for ever :)

Mini Mystery Bundle Mandala 3



All the corners finished!!

All  the project finished without beads


jueves, 10 de agosto de 2017

My first sampler

Hello beautiful stitchers!

Since last year watching youtube and reading blogs I realize that I wanted to try a new design for me, a sampler!!!

This type of embrodery remimds me all the history behind my hobby, I think it's fascinating, for example this particular design is inspired in German samplers :)

Maybe this is not the very first sampler because the Sal of Tempting tangled designs (long way home) is a sampler, but want to try something different.

I love nature, trees, flowers and searching in a lot of beautiful designs I decided to start this sampler:

Historic Forest sampler

 White Hardanger 22ct

Loving this project with every little element :)

Happy stitching