lunes, 20 de marzo de 2017

Update tapestry cat

Hello Beautiful stitchers

I have been working on my tapestry cat by Teresa Wentzler, a little in the framing a little in the body but enjoying every stitch.

The eyes are stitched 1x1

Here's my update:



This is all for the moment

Happy Stitching!!!


viernes, 10 de marzo de 2017

Christmas Jumpers

Hello Beautiful stitchers

I know that holidays have just passed a few months ago, but since then I found a project that I like a lot, it's so funny, it's name: Christmas Jumpers

It is from the magazine The world of cross stitching number 248

The picture in the magazine is this:

My start:

Aida 18 Ecru color

First Jumper finished

Now I have a looot of WIP's in my stash but I just enjoy a lot the beginning of a new project, hope to finish some of them this year, but lets see what happens through the year

Meanwhile Happy stitching


martes, 28 de febrero de 2017

First update of my Mystery SAL Under the sea

Hello beautiful stitchers

I'm really enjoying the Mistery Sal's, this one has been so funny, I really like it, I love the Durene Jones style :)

My start:

Aida ct.16 hand dyed by me (experimenting)

Very happy with the first character of this Sal :)

Happy stitching!!!


lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Two Wips

Hello beautiful stitchers

It's time to work in some Wips from the last year

Trick or treat

I LOVE working this pattern



Seahorse in patches

Working with the varigated threads it's so fun



Happy Stitching! :)


viernes, 10 de febrero de 2017

Game of Thrones banners

Hi beautiful stitchers!!

This day I share a new project, I love Game of thrones and a month ago on Instagram I saw this pattern, the same day I bought it :D

Game of thornes Banners it's from Clouds Factory
Stitched on blue Aida 16ct

My start

So much fun :D

Happy stitching :)

martes, 31 de enero de 2017

Klt Mystery frogs SAL COMPLETE!!

Hello beautiful stitchers!!!

I have finished  my first  project of the year!!

And this is my first Mystery Sal, I really enjoyed this project, it's so fun to wait for every update and see the new release, any way my last 4 frogs:

Frog 9

Frog 10

Frog 11

Frog 12

The family is now complete:

And of course I will participate this year in another Mystery Sal, this time I chose:


by Lakeside Needlecraft
Designed by: Durene Jones (I like a lot her designs)

Until the next update...

Happy stitching!!!


viernes, 20 de enero de 2017

New Dimensions in my Rotation

Hello beautiful stitchers

With my wolf finished I really need a new Dimensions kit in my rotation so I decided to choose another petite of my stash.

I choose:

Enchanting Cottage

Of course everything is ready to start

First stitches:

Love it :)

Happy stitching