viernes, 14 de octubre de 2016

Wintry Wolf 3/4 done

Hello beautiful stitchers

In this days I have been focus in stitching my wintry wolve, It is really a little project and I'm very motivated to finish it soon.

Tha last time you saw the half of the project done:

Now is 3/4 of the project done!!

Just a little more to finish it!! I'm very happy :)

Happy stitching


viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2016

Progress in my Chatelaine

In these days i just needed a break from my wintry wolve, enough grays, blues and browns colors for some days.

I need something colorful so I pick up my Mini Mandala Mistery 3,  was a great decision



It was a good pregress I enjoy a lot this chatelaine projects :)

Happy stitching


viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016

New Starts!!

Hello beautiful stitchers!!

I really can't resist myself when I see a pattern that I like so I feel very anxious for the new start.

I know I have a lot of unfinished objects, but I will do my best effort the next year to complete some UFO's

Well let's start with my starts =D

October is very close and I found this amazing project:

Trick or treat 
By Lena Lawson needlearts

It's so beautiful!!!

I'm stitching it on Aida 16ct. color Chalice (like a peach color)

This is my start:

Hippocampus in patches
By Tam's creations

Stitching it on Blue Aida 14ct.

My start:

This is all for the moment, wishing you happy stitching


miércoles, 31 de agosto de 2016

Stitching exhibition

Hello beautiful stitchers

Today I want to share an experience I had in last days here in Mexico city in the museum Franz Mayer.

I had the oportunity to visit an exhibition of embroidery labours of mexican girls and womans in XIX and half XX centuries.

This is the poster of the exposition

The meaning of the words stitched:
"This embroidery was made by Maria de Jesus Martinez in the Convent of the new instruction  in San juan de Dios, it concludes before age 6 "
Can you imagine a little little girl of 5 years almost 6 stitching in linen with silk??  Amazing!

This is the complete project of this little girl:

Other embroideries in the exhibition:

Almost all the embroideries were made in linen and threads of silk in years 1800 to 1910

It was a beautiful experience

I just want to share this special moment with all of you

Have a great day

Happy Stitching :)


domingo, 14 de agosto de 2016

Wintry Wolf half done!!

Hello beautiful stitchers

In this days I felt in the mood to stitch my petite dimensions Wintry wolve I managed to stitched the half of the project!! I'm so happy.

I know all the backstitch left and french knots but I'm happy with the result so far.



Happy stitching!!

domingo, 31 de julio de 2016

Mystery Frog Sal -- KLT charting 2016

Hello beautiful stitchers

Today I want to share that I joined a mistery sal in the page KLT Charting

There are 12 frogs and the mistery is the pattern that you stitch in every frog, I found it very funny and interesting

Here is an example of  the last SAL

(photo taken from the blog

You can join the SAL in their official page: HERE

The SAL begun in July 6, but I not so belated only 2 releases, I will put my best effort to reach the goal and finish in time =D

The official finishing date for this SAL is 31st January 2017

I will stitch in white  Aida fabric 22ct.

This is my progress 

Happy stitching =)

viernes, 15 de julio de 2016

Mini Mandala Mistery 3

My next chatelaine is Mini Mandala Mistery 3

I chose to stitch on a piece of white linen 28ct
I chose all the supplies to options more affordable for me, not only because the money also the easiest way to find them here in my country, so in the case for varigated silk thread I chose the closest varigated DMC 
All the delicas and treasures I converted to Mill Hills

This is are the firsts stitches

Happy stitching!!  =D