sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Dog Hair

This time I share with all of you this little project that I couldn't resist another day without stitching it.

I have 6 dogs which 2 of them have a LOT of hair, and for me and my family is normal found hair everywhere in the house even they are brushed frecuently.

Every day I stitch of course is common to see dog hair in the stitches, maybe at the beginning 6 years ago was annoying but now I'm so accustomed and I don't fight to take it away from my stitching projects.

My dogs are part of my family, so they are part of my projects too.

I will present you my beautifuls hairy monsters:

He is Thor and is a White Swiss Sheperd

He is Horus and is a Belgian Sheperd Groenendael

In honor of their contribution with their dog hair in my stitching projects I do this:

Can you see the fuzzy thread??  

Stitched on Aida 11
Dmc cotton
Treasure Braid Wisper 

Happy Stitching :)

viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

Update Red swans

Hello stitchers!!

Now is time for an update of my HAE tale of the red swans, the confetty is heavy, also the metallic thread, but I LOVE the colors!!

This is only the half of the first page



Happy stitching!! =D