sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Dog Hair

This time I share with all of you this little project that I couldn't resist another day without stitching it.

I have 6 dogs which 2 of them have a LOT of hair, and for me and my family is normal found hair everywhere in the house even they are brushed frecuently.

Every day I stitch of course is common to see dog hair in the stitches, maybe at the beginning 6 years ago was annoying but now I'm so accustomed and I don't fight to take it away from my stitching projects.

My dogs are part of my family, so they are part of my projects too.

I will present you my beautifuls hairy monsters:

He is Thor and is a White Swiss Sheperd

He is Horus and is a Belgian Sheperd Groenendael

In honor of their contribution with their dog hair in my stitching projects I do this:

Can you see the fuzzy thread??  

Stitched on Aida 11
Dmc cotton
Treasure Braid Wisper 

Happy Stitching :)

2 comentarios:

  1. I couldn't cope with hair in my projects, but like you said, the dogs are part of your life and family. Love your project - it's just so perfect for you! :)