martes, 17 de diciembre de 2013

Page 9 in progress -- Página 9 en progreso

Page 8 done and in the page 9 is in progress !!

I'm very excited because in this page I will work in the face and part of the violin!!



Antes //  Before:

Después  //  After

Terminada pagina 8 y en progreso pagina 9!!

Muy emocionada en esta bordaré lo que queda de la cara y el violin, la verdad estoy muy emocionada!!!


4 comentarios:

  1. She is truly stunning. Congratulations on completing page 8 and good luck with page 9. She is coming along beautifully!
    Alicia xo

    1. Thanks Alicia, I'm enjoying a lot this chart!!

  2. It is looking amazing Karen! One of the ladies in the Heaven and Earth group on facebook just recently posted a picture of her almost finished version of Nocturne. It was beautiful...
    I'm also stitching Nocturne (I've almost finished the top row). Looking forward to watching your progress!
    :) Megan

    1. Really ?? I have to see that post!! This is one of my favourite charts in the page since it was released, her face is pretty and the detail in cross stitch is amazing, Thanks for come and see my progress you're always welcome!!!