martes, 31 de enero de 2017

Klt Mystery frogs SAL COMPLETE!!

Hello beautiful stitchers!!!

I have finished  my first  project of the year!!

And this is my first Mystery Sal, I really enjoyed this project, it's so fun to wait for every update and see the new release, any way my last 4 frogs:

Frog 9

Frog 10

Frog 11

Frog 12

The family is now complete:

And of course I will participate this year in another Mystery Sal, this time I chose:


by Lakeside Needlecraft
Designed by: Durene Jones (I like a lot her designs)

Until the next update...

Happy stitching!!!


2 comentarios:

  1. Well done on completing the SAL Karen! Hopefully these guys will bring good-luck and be the only "frogging" going on for the rest of the year lol! ;)

  2. Great finish! The last one is definitely my favorite!