miércoles, 30 de noviembre de 2016

Wintry Wolve COMPLETE!!!!

Hello beautiful stitchers!

Yeahhh we have a finished object!!!

I'm so happy with the result!!

1.- All the floss in the kit was enough for the project even my stitching technique is parking
2.- The detail in Dimensions kits is amazing
3.- I LOVE Dimensions kits, so I want to have always one in my rotation :)
4.-I LOVE french knots really I enjoy them

The piece almost finished with my stitching friend ;)

The piece finished without backstitch and french knots

The piece finished with all the backstitch and frenchknots

My wolf is a Full Finished Object:

Happy stitching


6 comentarios:

  1. Such a beautiful piece of stitching! 💙 The frame is perfect for it too! Congrats on your finish Karen 😃

  2. Love how it turned out and the frame is perfect.

  3. Wow absolutely stunning!! The frame is just perfect for this finish. Love it.

  4. Backstitches and french knots, such little things and yet they make all the difference. Congratulations on such a stunning finish. The snow flurries look so realistic. The frame looks amazing with this design. All round perfectly stunning job.
    xo Alicia

  5. I love the frame you chose and the finish! The Michaels near me has Dimensions kits on clearance for half off (or more) so you may want to check out yours. I got one and I'm hoping to get two more for Christmas (as in I told my mother in law I wanted them and where she could find them!).

  6. Absolutely beautiful! The frame is perfect. You must be very happy! :)