viernes, 15 de julio de 2016

Mini Mandala Mistery 3

My next chatelaine is Mini Mandala Mistery 3

I choose to stitch on a piece of white linen 28ct
I choose all the supplies to options more affordable for me, not only because the money also the easiest way to find them here in my country, so in the case for varigated silk thread I chose the closest varigated DMC 
All the delicas and treasures I converted to Mill Hills

This is are the firsts stitches

Happy stitching!!  =D

4 comentarios:

  1. The colours are pretty! You've made a great start :)

  2. Wow that looks truly beautiful. It's going to look amazing, I'm looking forward to more of your progress.
    xo Alicia

  3. Beautiful. If I ever start a chatelaine I'll do it in DMC as well.