jueves, 3 de septiembre de 2015



Today I want to share a fantastic designer and person, his name is Chase, I know him because his Instagram profile @stitcher.linguist

In the past months he started to design his own patterns with a lot of special stitches and a lot of different kind of threads but all in a historic inspiration.

I love all his designs because he started with "aztec" designs, for me as a mexican girl I know that find this kind of beautiful patterns with this history behind is very hard.

I downloaded the first design that is a freebie.

You can find it in his facebook gropu called  Stitchory

And you can find his Etsy store 

The second amazing sampler that I found is from the designer Jardin Privé 

The name of the pattern is La Pensée Positive

The best is that you can download the version in english, french, italian, spanish and german.

This is the page where you can found it Jardin Prive

This is all for the moment hoping you are having a great day full of threads and fabric   =D 

Happy Stitching

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