viernes, 25 de julio de 2014

Haul // Compras


This time I want to share some things that I bought recently.  With my recent experience stitching a Dimensions Kit I discover that I love it, I found that they have a beautiful detail and the threads that includes the Kit are enough even you have some problems like knots and you have to cut the thread to keep going.

I don't have plans to start them soon, I want to finish the goddess of mercy and my grumpy cat and return to my beautiful Nocturne because I really miss her.

Anyway I found two amazing Kits:

Frederick The Literate

White Lightning


Esta vez quiero compartir algunas cosas que he comprado recientemente. Con mi experiencia reciente bordando un Kit de la marca Dimensions descubrí que me gustó mucho, me encontré con que tienen un hermoso detalle y los hilos que incluye el kit son suficientes, incluso si se presentan  algunos problemas como los nudos y hay que cortar el hilo para seguir adelante, no hay problema de todos lo colores tuvo hilo sobrante.

Happy Stitching!!!

2 comentarios:

  1. Beautiful patterns! I've always loved Frederick the Literate and have thought about doing this one myself....I love both cats and books!

  2. Lovely new kits. I am working on 1 of their kits and have 2 more in my stash. They have some really lovely ones available.