sábado, 7 de mayo de 2011

5 Page done/ 5 Hoja terminada!!!!!

Bueno pues super feliz con la quinta hoja terminada, cada vez quiero bordar mas y mas, con esta hoja llevo un 12% terminado :)

I'm so happy with the fifth page finished with this results I just want to stitch more and more.

With this page I have completed 12% :)

4 comentarios:

  1. She looks brilliant, I love this chart, and you're flying through it

  2. Ah, it's wonderful to see her come to life :)
    Beautiful stitching and great progress!

  3. Ya se comienza a ver la parte interesante de este cuadro, vas bien y se ve muy bonito, ya quiero ver la próxima foto!!!!!!

  4. Your twelve percent looks good. I love the colors in this piece. Keep up the good work!! And now, I'll introduce myself since I'm new to your blog, lol. I'm Julie, from Cincinnati, OH. I live with my lil cat, Yes Dear, who helps me stitch! I found you through the HAED blog you belong to. I love HAEDs, and I'm basically going down the list and following everyone on it!!